1. Best 7-hour view of a train journey from Bergen to Oslo. I love seeing how the landscape changes from forests, to snowy mountains to endless tunnels to small towns and finally the big city.

    Now, where is my ticket? ;)

  2. Spring is finally here! ❤️

  3. archatlas:

    Råå Day Care Center Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

    (via nnmprv)

  4. archisketchbook:


    'An illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness'

    Beautiful drawings which are a game too!

  6. designboom:

    JVA arkitekter converts train station transformer into the galleri trafo
    ‘trafo kunsthall’ by jarmund / vigsnaes arkitekter, asker, norway

    image © nils petter dale

    take a look into the galleries and learn more about the transformation here:http://www.designboom.com/architecture/jva-arkitekter-train-station-transformer-gallery-trafo-3-31-2014/


  7. ourrisd:

    Last week SuckerPunch ran a lovely little piece about an innovative course offered by RISD/CE last summer.


    Called Bodyscapes: Architecture + Fashion Morphologies, it offered students the opportunity work with the 3D modeling program Maya to create “fashion artifacts.”

    I did not know I was published here.. Yup that’s my work, the really close up one on top left. Too bad it doesn’t show the overall design. But check it out here to see more of it! 

  9. Once again being featured in Rhode Island School of Design’s Portfolio page. Thank you so much! :) Go and check other talented students there!!

  10. archatlas:


    So I used to live with 10 million people apparently. I did not know that Jakarta has more people than New York. So I guess if you can make it (as in living and being sane in the crowded-bizzare metropolitan) in Jakarta, you will make it anywhere. 

    (via nnmprv)