4. I recently watched the Before trilogy. I expected to be boring because I watched the last one Before Midnight and I couldn’t even finished it half way. It was all just long shots of a couple talking about life. BUT, I gave it a try to watch the first one, Before Sunrise and I was hooked! It was a great piece of writing.  It was mostly just them walking and talking, but I loved listening to their conversation with Vienna as the background. It is my favorite of the trilogy. There was this one scene where they were walking and a poet was asking for money in exchange of a poem with their chosen word. I liked the poem as much as I liked the movie, it summarized the whole story. So this is it…

    Daydream delusion
    Limousine Eyelash
    Oh, baby with your pretty face
    Drop a tear in my wineglass
    Look at those big eyes
    See what you mean to me
    Sweet cakes and milkshakes
    I am a delusion angel
    I am a fantasy parade
    I want you to know what I think
    Don’t want you to guess anymore
    You have no idea where I came from
    We have no idea where we’re going
    Launched in life
    Like branches in the river
    Flowing downstream
    Caught in the current
    I’ll carry you. You’ll carry me
    That’s how it could be
    Don’t you know me?
    Don’t you know me by now?
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    SPOTLIGHT: Statues Taking Selfies

    This selfie thing is getting out of hand (and as long as it looks like this - we don’t mind it).

    On a recent visit to the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, one Reddit user had the clever idea of photographing the museum’s collection of plaster Greco-Roman statues to make it look as though they’ve taken a series of statue selfies!

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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Wet Cities by Christophe Jacrot

    French photographer Christophe Jacrot takes us out on the streets when most of us prefer staying sheltered. He captures the raw, stunning souls of Paris, New York and other cities in a different way, with artistic purpose in magical yet in-climate weather conditions.  

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    Chanel’s Eco-Couture: Wind Turbines and Solar Panels at the Grand Palais

    The Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week, anticipated as much for its extravagant runway sets as its clothing, made an unusual nod to sustainability for its spring/summer 2013 collection. Rotating wind turbines lined a runway covered with a solar panel-like grid under the airy, glass-vaulted Grand Palais. Models, dressed in gossamer shifts, brightly-hued tweeds, and oversized fake pearls, weaved between the giant white columns. According to Chanel’s creative director and head designer Karl Lagerfeld, the show was meant to capture a certain optimism, freedom, and buoyancy. By associating renewables with luxury, fashion, and aspirational glamour—not to mention the famed Chanel label—Lagerfeld placed a powerful cultural stake in sustainability. Though the excess of high fashion has historically been at odds with this sentiment, the Chanel show still contributed a significant cultural message. Indeed, even the so-called tsar of the fashion world noted that “energy is the most important thing in life—the rest comes later.” If Lagerfeld takes his statement to heart, perhaps the next Chanel collection will be produced sustainably as well. 

    (Source: youtube.com)